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Ramjee Chandran – Founder and Managing Director

Ramjee Chandran’s experience in publishing began with the launch of Bangalore This Fortnight (BTF), a hugely popular city-based magazine on March 31, 1989.

In 1996, he launched the Bangalore Monthly and the bangaloremag.com. Both were immediately successful. Prior to his publishing career, Chandran worked as a lobbyist in New Delhi for a large south based industrial group. He also has over 17 years experience as a writer and his articles have appeared in leading national and international publications. Explocity.com employs about 100 trained professionals across 3 countries.

Explocity Private Limited

Realising the importance of the Internet, Chandran commenced negotiations with ICF Ventures, a leading venture capital fund in September 1999. By December 1999, ICF Ventures had picked up a significant stake in the new media company, Explocity Private Limited.

The funding was to enable the new company to fulfil the launch of websites in four cities – Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai – by June 2000.

Following this success came launches of the Hyderabad, Kolkata and New York websites. This was followed by Rupert Murdoch’s visit to Bangalore and his meeting with Chandran.

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